This is an exclusive piece of me, on the first day of lock-down. Just looking back at myself when I was first introduced to stayin' at home. I'm not lying. I'm looking at this after 132 days. 

22 March 2020

To be honest, there is a blank page in front of me waiting to be written. I am staring at it, hoping for an idea to pop up in my head. Sharing my opinion is not new to me, but in this situation, "Necessity is the mother of all inventions." The necessity of not being bored at home during lock-down, lead to the beginning of this piece of writing. 

This is the initiation of the lock-down days, starting with Day-1.

Notebook and Pen

I don't know when you are reading this, but get it clear, I am talking about the All India Lock-down due to the outbreak of Coronavirus(COVID-19). 
This is the first day,(technically the second, including the Janata curfew) where everyone is inside their houses and no one is allowed on the road. These were the strict orders from the Prime Minister. And for the first time ever, the government officials and doctors are working selflessly and sincerely for the people.


On the contrary, there's nothing to do at home. Read books? Nah, too boring. Play an instrument? No, too monotonous. Watch tv? Are you mad? How long? 
This finally leads to Google. I bet, there are at least 9 out of 10 people, who searched for ideas in Google. I still don't think that's a solution for the boredom. I mean, look at what it recommends! I don't say that there aren't any good things to do, all I am saying is that what they suggest to do, is not worth doing. 


Then how did I end up writing? Oh, come on! Where do you think I got that idea? Nope, definitely not Google.