If you are an Indian, you must be well aware of the demise of an exceptionally skilled actor. This lead to a controversial topic of nepotism in the Bollywood film industry. People have diverse opinions on that, and I have a one too, but I feel I must share it with you. If you are not aware of this or don't have the slightest idea of Bollywood and nepotism, lemme give you an insight


The film industry is one field, where if you are fortunate, you get instant limelight and wealth. Isn't that what everyone wants now? With that hope, many skilled people have given their contributions to masterpieces. I am emphasising on the film industry in general, not pointing out any specific industry. Impactful stories, screenplay, direction and music influenced the quality and the collections of films. At this point, the actors and experts in a film earn, the producers make profits in the film market, and the public enjoys the movie. That is what we expected of the film industry anywhere. Since reality is nowhere is near to the expectations of the people, misunderstandings and discrimination takes place. 


Nepotism, or in other words- "taking advantage of the privileges by being part of a prominent family" is now the foundation of any field. 
Nepotism exists everywhere. We can't deny it. A father would give his property only to his children, not an outsider. The heir of a company would always be the son or a daughter of the CEO. In any scenario, whether a small shop or a business industry, nepotism exists and will exist in the future too. Similar is the case with the Bollywood film industry.


Veteran actors, producers and directors would want to launch their children with a big bang. A script which was offered and signed by another deserving actor goes directly to the children of prominent actors. The so-called star kids are spoon-fed, with a silver spoon. They get instant recognition because of their parents or relatives. No matter how talented they are, they get everything without the hard work it requires. If the film doesn't get good numbers despite the uncountable promotions, the actors are still going to get the best debut award. So, the award functions are also controlled by them.


The actor who hanged himself was an accomplished man. He scored the seventh rank in an engineering entrance and was a national olympiad winner in physics. He was well-educated and a man of great character. He decided to pursue a career in acting and gave amazing performances in his movies. Later, he was being cornered by the film industry, disrespecting him, and spreading rumours to that extent that he fell into depression. That was said to be the main reason for his suicide.


The nepotism gang consists of actors, who failed their tenth grade. That shows how privileged they were to be wealthy and successful, despite their educational background. Even if they inspire the audience, they would never allow an outsider to the film industry. 

Right now, the whole industry is one biased group, who control everything, making it impossible for outsiders to pursue their film career.


To an extent, this may be tolerable for the public. The real problem occurs when deserving actors and movies are ignored and are not recognised. They snatch all the opportunities irrespective of their bad acting and still get an award for that. It's same as receiving an award from your parents for tidying your room, only at a higher level. What about all the hard work the others put in to produce excellent films? 

It's not only in the Bollywood industry but also in the other film industries in India. The South Indian film industry majorly consists of actors' children. But the situation is much better. Outsiders do have a chance to showcase their talents, either in acting or film making. The audience appreciates good directors, story writers and actors. There is a place for all. But nepotism still exists everywhere. It's a matter of acceptance and an unbiased community. It's all there in the minds and the thoughts of the people. If one takes time and explores other's perspective, they would surely think about it too.


Since most choices of career are directly reliant on the business model, it gets more arduous to pursue a career in Art. Education gives quite a foundation on the identity of a person. But without wealth, you are considered nobody. On the other hand, it's a cakewalk to those with family background. Wealth controls not only the people but also their mindsets. We can't help this, but we have to put ourselves out there only if we have an acceptable position. That includes wealth, education and looks if you don't have a family background.


Nobody will tell you how to survive in such kind of an atmosphere. The world thinks like this by default, and we have to work our way out. It's not hard. We have to change the way we react and respond to unfamiliar things. Think the smart way and plan accordingly. Just because the world is against you, doesn't mean you have no self-worth. Stick to those who matter and work out on a solution. Giving up life is never the solution to your problems.  Don't even consider that. You are going to end up well-settled anyway, focus on the flaws.