That gang...

Don't you cherish those times, when you pranked people with your group of friends? Lied to teachers? Well, if you start plotting down your sweetest of memories, the list is endless. There was one gang in everyone's life, who established their dominance and sought all the attention. It could be at school, college or even at tuitions. They just treated others as extraterrestrials in floccinaucinihilipilification. 

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If you are finding it arduous to relate to this, you must have been a part of such a gang, and trust me you wouldn't desire to know what people discoursed behind your back. That one group which made you feel inferior must have urged your senses to be a part of their gang. They seem to be having fun all the time, don't they? We sit in the corner with our friend and start gossiping just to fit in. Or rather avoid being a nincompoop in their presence. They all look and talk the cool way, a way which seems extremely unusual when you endeavour it in front of your juniors. We all have had a group of friends, though we never favoured being authoritative. But that gang had something in it. Something which everyone yearns to be- to Be cool. In my case, it was a little different.


There existed a gang in my society too, and they sought quite a lot of recognition. They were having fun all the time. But the contradiction was that each and every one of them had a history with me, full of fun times. But that was once upon a time. I became a complete stranger to them in a span of one year.  I could have been in the lead of their gang. It just feels more cumbersome to even talk to them. We were scarcely on speaking terms. But then I realized that I have more genuine friends than those fraudulent friends in the gang. My friends made me feel significant and purposeful. We had our puns, though we did not expose them to try and be cool. Incredible memories with friends always boost us from feeling low. So, consider what you have. Certain people try to subjugate others and make them sense low. I had better friends. Trust me, real friends make you feel marvelous. Go out there, meet new people. Make new friends and live life like never before.


On another note:

Unfortunately, the world has a more succinct number of people who can be trusted. At times, loving yourself is more significant. Be your best friend. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. You tend to explore and discover the talent in yourself when you are alone. Spend some time for yourself. Take a break from the monotony of farrago of thoughts concerning the opinions of different people. Know yourself before you explore the world. 

Love yourself and keep smiling;)