What's a birthday without a cake?

No, seriously, what's a Birthday without a marvelous Birthday cake?

I didn't want to risk getting a cake from outside during lock-down, so I decided to make one at home. It's super easy and tasty. That is a cake made with the least ingredients- that means, get a cake mix!

Birthday Party Table

Two Main Parts of a cake and what you need for each part:

The Cake: Cake mix, milk, butter/oil, Eggs (optional)

The Buttercream Frosting: Butter, Icing sugar, Vanilla


There you go- A great cake with less than 8 Ingredients!


Let's make a cake!

  • Grab your favorite cake mix, add milk according to the instructions given behind the box.

(I chose Chocolate cake mix and added 250 ml of milk to 475 g of cake mix)

  • Also, add cooking butter (melted) or cooking oil for moisture.

  • If your package calls for eggs, and you have them, then go ahead with it.

  • Bake it in the oven at 180-200 degrees for 35-40 min or Cook it in a cooker for 45 min without the whistle.

TIP: You can divide the batter into two portions to avoid cutting unevenly. (For layers only) 

Cake Whisking

Let's make the Buttercream Frosting:

  • Take Room- temperature butter and remember, it shouldn't be cold or hard. (when you touch it, you shouldn't feel anything)

  • Beat it with an electric mixer and whisk it hard with a regular whisk till it becomes soft and smooth.

  • Add Icing/powdered sugar slowly and keep beating it.

(Adjust your sugar based on the consistency, more sugar-cupcake frosting, less sugar- cake frosting)

  • When you feel the consistency right, add vanilla essence for flavor. 

  • Add melted chocolate if you want a chocolate frosting.

(I took a little bit of the frosting and added chocolate for the outer layer of the cake)

Image by American Heritage Chocolate

The Assembly:

  • Choose a firm base, add a dollop of frosting on it, and place the first layer of cake.

  • Sugar syrup is optional. But the cake would stay moist for longer.

  • Add a lot of frosting first, spread evenly, and let the excess drip out for the crumb-coat.

  • Add the second layer and add the same frosting all over the cake and make a thin layer of crumb-coat. (It's okay if you can still see parts of the cake, we will cover it after the cake chills and sets.)

  • After the cake's chilled for at least 20 min, do the final layer of the frosting to finish the cake.

Decorate the cake with fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, rolls, bars, Icing sugar, sprinkles, gems, etc.

You have a low budget awesome cake!

Enjoy, and Party hard!

Also, Check how it turned out for me!